How does one sum yourself up? Feels a little weird to package yourself into a few sentences and have those words represent the entirety of who you (I?) are (am). Now that we’re all nicely confused, let’s just use my Twitter bio: don’t limit yourself. Sports nut, marketing guru, tech lover, gamer, keen observer of politics and finance and wish I had a dog. Rock star your life!

There we go, that should do nicely…

But that is not all of me is it? Nope, although that sums up my interests in life, it doesn’t really tell you who I am. Let’s try this again then.

A born Capetonian (although I didn’t live their for an extended period of time) that has settled in Gauteng and roots for the Sharks rugby team. If you are from Mzanzi you’ll appreciate the irony in all that. My father worked in media for just about all his life and that meant we moved around South Africa. A lot. I caught the media buzz bug from him and have spent the last 14 years of my life in various positions in media and marketing.

Although I have found great pleasure in this field, technology has always been my great love. A bit of an Apple fanboy, I own every device in each category that the Apple magicians conjure up, except for the Mac Pro. My Feedly account is stacked with RSS feeds from sites such as Wired, Mashable, The Verge, Business Insider and these cater for the mainstream reader. Then, if you delve more deeply in the feed, you’ll find sites such as Anandtech, Tom’s Hardware and Re/code. And so over the last 5 years I have started moulding myself into something else than a marketing specialist, although not on a C-suite level I consider myself a CBO.

So what’s a CBO to do while trying to find himself a career niche? He starts his own business of course! While still very much in its infancy, Hyperloop is a labour of love and vision that I co-founded with my best friend Brink Olivier and my father, Sarel, who is steeped in knowledge in experience after 30 years in marketing. Hyperloop is focused on the SME’s and the idea is to try and assist these pillars of the economy to optimise their businesses to become more efficient, sustainable and profitable through the provision of software platforms that reduce risk, save time and increase revenues. Elevator pitch done!

Alright, so a full time job, a part time entrepreneur and a geek. Add to that a father and husband and we’re getting close to a more fleshed out picture of me. I’ve been married for 10 years and then again for (add days from 22 October to when you’re reading this). Sound weird? Buy me  beer and I’ll explain. My wife Liezl and I have a beautiful baby daughter, Mackenzie who has brought immense joy to our lives.

I’m also a bit of a sports nut. Liezl will probably have another term for what I am, one that’s definitely NSFW. Although I played sports during my high school years and captained various teams, it was always the cameraderie that I enjoyed most and not necessraily the playing of the sport itself. Not being overly competitive of course did not net me a lucrative contract with the Sharks rugby team and I had to settle for fond memories of victories and agonising defeats during my school years. I’m a bit of a rugby scholar, so stats and retellings of high profile matches always get me excited. I also enjoy the American cousin of rugby, the NFL, and support the New England Patriots. American football (so as not to confuse any Englishman reading this) is a much more strategic game than rugby, the latter being tactical in nature on the field and strategic prior to taking the field. At college level I support the Oregan Ducks.

Being based in South Africa and not able to watch these NFL games live (yes-yes there are loopholes I know) the next best thing is popping Madden 15 in my PS4 and taking the Patriots to Superbowl glory! When Mackenzie goes to sleep, and if there aren’t bottles to sterilize, consulting work to finish or to, you know, just get some sleep. Gaming, gotta love it. Immersing yourself in the world dreamed up by creative masters such as Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Patrice Desilets. I really enjoy RPG’s, racing titles such as Forza, action games and sports simulation. I have mostly owned Xbox and Playstation consoles and don’t believe in having only one or the other. The PS Vita is a great device as well and the remote play capability with the PS4 has enabled me to slay Diablo while bottle feeding Mackenzie! I own both the new generation consoles and have only the highest of praise for both of them.

Politics is, well politics. I’ll not bore you with my views.

How do I make finance exciting to read about? No idea. So I’ll just tell you my philosophy. I try and keep things really simple. Try and earn as much as you can without sacrificing quality time with your family, and keep your costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality of life. You keep these things in balance and you’ll be fine. I am also a believer of risk reduction, long term saving and diversification of income. What that means is save for retirement, have short term insurance and invest in things such as property and shares.

Here’s a short video with  little more detail, or you can view the slide deck.

If you would like to have a chat about anything at all really, you can reach me here: