Not just an employee

I’m not just another employee. I’m not just another entrepreneur.

I don’t just see customers, I see millions of lives each with hopes and dreams. I don’t see products, I see ways of fulfilling those wishes. I don’t see profits as the goal, but as a way to reinvest in the community by being sustainable.

I don’t see a balance sheet with assets and liabilities, I see means to create opportunities for growth and wealth creation. I don’t use CRM software, I learn from the people who support my product and listen to their experiences and ideas.

I don’t just pay taxes because I have to, I invest in the government that will provide the infrastructure so my ideas can have a platform.

I don’t just go on leave once a year to take a break from work, I view the world around me with a refreshed mind and see the things near and far that help me grow to become better.

I don’t just wrestle through emails every day, I share thoughts and collaborate with individuals that help shape the future. I don’t just go through induction, I become the holder of the vision, the embodiment of purpose to create value.

I don’t do elevator pitches, I ride that elevator to the moon and land on a comet!  I don’t just work, I develop my talent, knowledge and skills. I don’t just earn a paycheck, I leverage my productivity to stimulate the economy.

I don’t just attend endless meetings, I direct the flow of thoughts and the outcomes of decisions. I don’t just pop out for lunch, I refuel my body so I can deliver my best work not only when I have to but also when I strive to.

I don’t just seek investors, I seek dreamers and adventurers who will embark on this journey with me.  I don’t just build another PowerPoint presentation, I excite my audience with a future yet untested and uncharted.

I don’t work 9 to 5, I don’t do the daily grind, I don’t slave away. I’m not a corporate warrior, I’m not a desk jockey or the Keeper of the Cubicle.

When all is said and done at 5pm, 9pm, 1am….

I am not just any employee.